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What do we offer?

Registration for the Creative Europe MEDIA umbrella stand at MIPTV 2016 (April 4-7) 

Registration is closed. All places have gone.

What do we offer registered participants?

The EU's Creative Europe MEDIA hosts European producers and distributors on a dedicated stand. Participants pay a reduced fee for their accreditation and in addition receive added-value services.

These include:

      • buyers' briefings, at which key buyers explain their programme buying policies
      • workshops
      • a welcome desk with international hostesses
      • a comfortable and convivial bar
      • wi-fi internet connection
      • private meeting rooms
      • communal computers with internet access
      • laptop charging facilities
      • storage
      • messaging services
      • promotion of three of your priority titles through an online catalogue 
      • the possibility of having a dedicated booth ('mini-stand') to share with one other company at a cost per company of EUR 500
      • an advisory service from a team of experts to provide one-on-one advice ahead of the event or in private meetings during MIPTV
      • access via the advisory service to invitation-only events.

For more information on:
- registration:
- the advisory service:


Who is eligible?


During the sign-up process, you are asked to provide information about how you meet the eligibility criteria.

Accreditation is open to independent European producers or distributors, i.e. those established in Europe and offering European content (see below for the definition of European content).

During the sign-up process you are asked for an affirmation that you meet this and the other criteria.

Once you have signed up, we submit your application to Creative Europe MEDIA to check that you meet the criteria and that there is still space left. We aim to let you know within a week at most whether you have been accepted.

When allocating dedicated booths (‘mini-stands’), priority is given to European companies with experience of audiovisual and film markets, whose catalogue is significant in size, diversified in content and geographic origin, and contains programmes which have been made recently.

Been to MIPTV before?

If you have been to MIPTV before, you are welcome to come (back) to the stand at the special accreditation rate.



To be considered to have European content, any work of fiction [including an animated film] or documentary, be it a completed production, a project or a format, must comply with the following conditions:

  • the majority of the work has been or is to be produced by companies established in one or more countries participating in Creative Europe MEDIA, and
  • there is a significant involvement of professionals who are citizens or residents of the countries participating in Creative Europe MEDIA.


The following programming is not eligible:

      • live recordings, TV games, talk shows, reality shows or educational, teaching and ‘how-to’ programmes;
      • documentaries promoting tourism, "making-of" reports, animal reportages, news programmes and "docu-soaps";
      • projects promoting, directly or indirectly, messages that are at odds with the policies of the European Union - for example, projects that may be contrary to the interests of public health (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), respect for human rights, people's security, freedom of expression etc.;
      • projects promoting violence and/or racism and/or with a pornographic content;
      • works of a promotional nature;
      • institutional productions to promote a specific organisation or its activities.

Special Rates

Special rates


MIPTV (April 4-7, 2016)

Early bird: €660 until March 2

€740 from March 3

Deadline to be listed in the Official MIPTV Guide is March 2.

Deadline to be listed in our online catalogue is March 25.

We continue to accept registration for the Creative Europe MEDIA umbrella stand for as long as we have space.

N.B. Based on past experience, this could be some time in February.

MIPDoc (April 2-3, 2016)

Seller Pack (1 seller visitor + 3 programmes + 1 project): €695

Buyer (or seller without programme): €460

New: First-timer (with 1 project): €360

These rates are available only if you are also registering to be on the Creative Europe MEDIA umbrella stand.

Deadline for company registration for MIPDoc

Deadline for programme and project listing in the Official MIPDoc Print Catalogue: February 29

MIPFormats (April 2-3, 2016)

Umbrella delegate fee: €460

First-timer: €360



Online catalogue

Online catalogue

We accept up to three listings for our online catalogue. You can upload the information about these until one week before MIPTV, but we start putting the information online in early March, and advising buyers who will be giving briefings that information on your line-up is on our site.

Advisory service

You can still register for our Advisory service. We offer a free service offering advice in advance of MIPTV and during the market to get the most out of the market and your project.