Key takeaways from the first day's programme on the Creative Europe MEDIA stand

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TV Formats Breakfast

Belgians have been the “kings of co-pro” since the sixties. A year ago, Wallimage launched a call for pilots, giving EUR 20-40,000 to productions for expenses made in Wallonia to help them develop and possibly sell pilots. 
With the creation of digital, classical entry barriers have been totally exploded along the entire value chain of content. This is the moment to seize this market; there is still an openness to new actors and momentum for producers to take initiative.
Kristina Hollstein, ZDF Enterprises
Check the updated profile on the web site with a link to all the slots and contacts for ZDF and ZDF Enterprises
Gustavo Vainstein, EuroChannel
The Eurochannel group plans to launch more channels and is mostly looking for 4K content.
Beate Thalberg, ORF/3Sat
Beate is currently looking for portraits of well-known artists (musicians) and documentaries about changes in European societies.
Andy Traubner, Filmakers Library
Serving 3,000 universities worldwide, Filmakers Library has just launched a new collection called "Revolution" for which it is looking for documentaries between history and current affairs.
Sylvia Schmöller, Red Bull Media House
Sylvia is looking for blue chip popular science documentaries for the general entertainment channel Servus TV. 
Elisabeth is currently looking for documentaries on social evolution (e.g. industrial revolution in the 50s).