MIPCOM Advisory service


This service is offered at both MIPTV and MIPCOM
As a participant on the MIPTV or MIPCOM 
Creative Europe MEDIA umbrella stand operated by media-stands.eu, you are automatically eligible for the Advisory Service at no extra charge. 

This service is both for newcomers and experienced participants. Once you have registered for the service, you are offered a range of services, which will enable us to propose a programme tailor-made for your experience and the projects you plan to present at mipTV or mipCOM.

There are a number of facets to the service so that we can meet your expectations: 
- advice from our experts* during the market in one-on-one consultations set up in advance;
- advance information on prior registration for thematic buyers' briefings and for workshops;
- opportunities for coaching from our 'pitch doctors';
- invitations to breakfasts and lunches where decision-makers discuss specific topics, which are matched to your line-up, e.g. transmedia, formats, factuals, youth.

To enjoy the benefits of the Advisory Service, contact service@media-stands.eu

N.B. Not all experts are on hand at every market. Advice on Animation and Children's Programming is generally available only at MIPCOM; documentary advice is generally provided only at MIPTV.  TV/VOD/Online advice and Factual Advice are provided to fit other programming. The former is available at MIPCOM 2016.

The advice of all these experts is available free of charge only in connection with the Advisory Service at MIPCOM and MIPTV. Any direct contact with them outside this context is a matter for bilateral negotiation.




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