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  I declare on my honour that I represent a company/independent entity which is owned and shall continue to be owned, whether directly or by majority participation, by Member States and/or Member State nationals (or nationals of the other European countries participating in Creative Europe MEDIA) and registered in one of these countries.
 I consent to my personal details - first name, surname, email address and mobile phone number - being held by and relevant subcontractors for the purposes of keeping me informed of activities in relation to audiovisual markets at which operates stands for the European Commission and related audiovisual events.

Registration Benefits

A stand for 50 companies with:

  • a discounted accreditation rate of EUR 100 VAT incl for one participant per company.
  • a seating area with small tables
  • a welcome desk with an international hostess
  • a coffee bar
  • dedicated wi-fi internet connection
  • laptop charging facilities
  • storage
  • messaging services.
  • A4 displays
  • an online promotional catalogue


During the sign-up process, you are asked to provide information about how you meet the eligibility criteria.

Accreditation is open to independent European producers or distributors, i.e. those established in Europe and offering European content (see below for the definition of European content).

During the sign-up process you are asked for an affirmation that you meet this and the other criteria.

Once you have signed up, we submit your application to Creative Europe MEDIA to check that you meet the criteria and that there is still space left. We aim to let you know within a week at most whether you have been accepted.

N.B. We particularly welcome applications from first-timers and from low capacity audiovisual countries.



To be considered to have European content, any work of fiction [including an animated film] or documentary, be it a completed production, a project or a format, must comply with the following conditions:

  • the majority of the work has been or is to be produced by companies established in one or more countries participating in Creative Europe MEDIA, and
  • there is a significant involvement of professionals who are citizens or residents of the countries participating in Creative Europe MEDIA


The following programming is not eligible:

  • live recordings, TV games, talk shows, reality shows or educational, teaching and ‘how-to’ programmes;
  • documentaries promoting tourism, “making-of” reports, animal reportages, news programmes and “docu-soaps”;
  • projects promoting, directly or indirectly, messages that are at odds with the policies of the European Union – for example, projects that may be contrary to the interests of public health (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), respect for human rights, people’s security, freedom of expression etc.;
  • projects promoting violence and/or racism and/or with a pornographic content;
  • works of a promotional nature;
  • institutional productions to promote a specific organisation or its activities.