P-1.A80 Minus 1 Palais des Festivals

Welcome desk phone number: tbd


Market dates

From Monday,  30 March to Thursday,  02 April, 2020.


Stand opening hours

  • Sunday, 29 March : 15.00 > 18.00
  • Monday, 30 March : 09.00 > 19.00
  • Tuesday, 1 April  > Wednesday, April 10: 9.00 > 19.00
  • Thursday, 2 April : 9.00 >17.00

N.B. You must remove your material from the stand before the stand closes on the last day.


At the Welcome Desk

  • You will be given a registration form to return together with your business card. You will then get your lanyard which will identify you as a participant, having access to all services and facilities.
  • Ask for the password for wi-fi access. Please do not share it with others.
  • Sales companies will be given a special sticker to allow you to seat at the “Sales” area.


Stand layout & facilities

Welcome area

  • arrange appointments with your contacts;
  • check whether messages have been left for you;
  • put your promotional material in the A4 displays along the walls;
  • book private meeting rooms;
  • make contact with one of the consultants providing advisory services;
  • who’s who: check photos and participant details on a dedicated PC console and send messages to other participants.


Who’s Who

Two computer consoles – one on each floor (near the welcome desk and the bar) – for you to look up other participants, find their photos and send them a message.


Private free Bar

  • From 9.00: coffee and croissants
  • Throughout the day: tea, coffee and soft drinks
  • 17.30 > 19.00, Monday > Wednesday: Happy Hour.


Lounge and bar area

  • Tables for small meetings close to the bar area. Tables must be vacated after a reasonable period.
  • Who’s who: check photos and participant details on a dedicated PC console and send messages to other participants.


Private meeting rooms

You can make up to two bookings a day for a half hour each, and on a first come, first served basis. We enforce this time limit strictly. Make your bookings at the Welcome Desk.
You can cancel bookings up to two hours in advance. All your future bookings will be cancelled if you fail to take up your two bookings on one day.


Storage room

It is for materials. Please do not leave valuables in this area.
This area will be open at 9:00 and locked every day at 19.00.

Sales Companies

A special area  with meeting tables will be reserved exclusively for companies whose main activity is sales. Representatives of sales companies are kindly asked to get their sticker on their badges when registering with our hostesses.

Shipping Materials

If you intend to send material directly to the stand, it is strongly advised that you use an officially accredited freight agents, e.g.:

Martini Technotrans, S.A.
8, rue Notre-Dame
06400 CANNES (France)
T +33 4 92 59 27 27
F +33 4 93 68 38 11
Contact: Eric FOLCO

Dispatch label model
Name of Sender
Name of Consignee – Name of exhibitor’s company.
Creative Europe MEDIA Stand – P4.B1
Esplanade Georges Pompidou