All showcases take place on the Creative Europe MEDIA stand: Suite E

Vialog Ltd

Vialog (European Film Market Startup 2018) is a new way for live events to engage their audience before, during and after their events.


Showcase: 18/06 - 11:30


23 Skylines Village, Limeharbour
E14 9TS - London
+44 7429 216 498
David Sarlos

Vialog is an European Film Market Startup 2018 working on a tool for film festivals to increase audience engagement and add a new dimension to post-festival marketing.
To this end, Vialog recently joined the ARTICONF Horizon 2020 project to develop the next generation of decentralised social platforms.
Exhibiting at CineEurope 2019 would not only help Vialog to directly reach potential partners and stakeholders but it would also be a great venue for a large scale live demo of the technology by creating a pop up video-discussion platform around CineEurope 2019 using the Vialog app.


Limecraft Flow helps producers and distributors to maximise their reach by automatically creating high-quality subtitles in different languages.


Showcase: 18/06 - 12:00


Sint-Salvatorstraat 18B/301
9000 - Ghent
+32 478 88 87 68
Maarten Verwaest

Limecraft Flow is a cloud-based Asset Management platform used by producers of all sizes, post facilities and broadcasters to store, organise and securely exchange content and to maximise distribution potential. The key to maximise accessibility and proliferation of content is subtitling. Limecraft Flow takes away the burden of manually creating original language subtitles, and to subsequently translate them for localization purposes. By doing so, producers and distributors can create additional versions at marginal cost and maximise the exploitation potential of their work.

Sorbos MJV S.L.

100% biodegradable, edible drinking straws


Showcase: 18/06 - 12:30


Can Parellada 26, Factory 2
08170 - Montornés Del Vallés
+34 691 44 44 66
Victor Sanchez

SORBOS is the first edible, flavoured and 100% biodegradable straw in the market to fight against single use plastics.


Fassoo is a software-as-a-service automated multi-language video tagging platform, which enables the automated generation of metadata for video content based on computer vision and machine-learning technologies. The platform allows video content owners to upload video files to the platform to be automatically tagged and indexed. 


Showcase: 18/06 - 13:00


Müllerstr. 164
13353 - Berlin
+44 7599 802 153
William Page

Fassoo is a software-as-a-service automated multi-language video tagging platform, enabling the automated generation of metadata for video content (films and TV) based on computer vision and machine-learning technologies. The platform allows filmmakers and production companies to upload video files to the platform to be automatically tagged and indexed. Key components of the automated tagging process are intelligent keyframe extraction, person recognition, semantic concept detection, logo and object recognition, optical character recognition and the detection of interpersonal interactions.

CINN App GesbR

Building a global audience development tool for the movie industry, driven by SMART Movie Data, using gamification and AR to better engage movie goers.


Showcase: 18/06 - 14:00


Markhofgasse 19, Coworking
1030 - Vienna
+43 650 403 32 11
Josef Korntheuer

We are a filmtech-startup from vienna. Our CINN App is a new, innovative audience development tool to capture the young moviegoers. We use top-notch social features and gamification tools (known from  gaming) to engage the millenilas (aged 16 – 39 years) in new ways. Our goal is to make the cinema visit a rewarding, engaging and social experience so it can compete better with other leisure-activities like home-streaming, gaming, Facebook, etc.

We want to upgrade the cinema visit and make it more attractive for the young cinema audience. Our goal is to offer new, innovative tools for exhibitors and distributors to target their audiences in a “gamified” app-environment where everyone plays a specific role to reach one common goal – bring back the young audience to cinema.

We want to showcase our current state of our CINN App, present 1st insights & show our first version of our web-app (dashboard, statistics, Smart Movie Data) for exhibitors and distributors.

We see this as a big chance to get feedback from the key players. As we are very agile in development we want to gather valueble feedback to create a best-fit product that is a true gamechanger for the whole movie industry.


As a Virtual Reality Full Service Studio INVR.SPACE produces VR/AR Experiences and 360° films using the latest technologies and creating new interactive storytelling approaches.


Showcase: 18/06 - 15:00


Leuschnerdamm 31
10999 - Berlin
+49 30 627 398 84
Sönke Kirchhof

As a Full Service Studio INVR.SPACE developed an universal Virtual Reality Cinema set-up applicable to divers environments from 2 to far more than 500 people. We are strongly convinced that our VR Cinema solution is playing a pioneering role in innovating cinema culture, in Europe and beyond. An exhibition platform at CineEurope would be an important recognition.
The VR Cinema’s central feature is the shared audio experience which enhances the originally individualistic viewing situation to a collective cinematic experience. The set-up is based on a specially designed VR Cinema app which enables synchronized playback on more than 100 devices, monitoring of those devices in use, heatmap and head movement as well as a video preview for the cinema operator.
Our VR Cinema is compatible with the most popular hardware devices such as HTC Vive or Oculus Go and supports 4K mono or stereoscopic video formats as well as embedded, stereo or spatial audio files.
This comprehensive VR Cinema is an increasingly demanded service for public events worldwide. For three years it is operating at renowned occasions such as EFM during Berlinale, DISCOP Johannesburg, DOK.fest München and many more.


Engage your Audience, Target your Marketing, Grow your Brand, and Sell More - with Filmgrails Apps, Websites and Digital Marketing solutions for Cinemas


Showcase: 18/06 - 15:30


Kjelsåsveien 160
0491 - Oslo
+47 917 171 54
Simon Souyris Strumse

Filmgrails delivers an audience engagement platform tailored to the needs of Cinema operators. Since it’s launch in Norway in 2016, over 30% of norwegian exhibitors are now utilizing the platform – and they have seen increases in sales by up to 200% after introducing their audiences to the Filmgrail platform functionality.
We aim to help exhibitors increase their sale by enabling local communities and enhancing user engagement. This has shown to be of great benefit for National and European content that doesn’t always commend the same marketing budget as the hollywood majors. In addition our platform contains tools for distributors to engage directly with cinema audiences to create word of mouth around their releases.
In the first 2 years of operation Filmgrails exhibition partners have become the largest resource of reviews, ratings and other cinema engagement in the nordics, and have sold 1 million tickets through the platform.
We are super excited to bring our solutions to a wider audiences of European Cinemas and Exhibitors at CineEurope 2019, and would be proud to do so under the MEDIA umbrella stand.

Trailerdata GmbH

TrailerApp Increase the number of cinema visits and Box Office figures! Innovative Beacon technology meets moviegoer’s need for customized information.


Showcase: 18/06 - 16:00 & 19/06 - 14:00


Alexandrinenstr. 2-3
10969 - Berlin
+49 173 210 21 39
Katja Struwe

TRAILERAPP is a mobile app that aims to demonstrably increase the number of film viewers especially for European films.
It closes the gap between trailers seen in a cinema and the film’s release, thus increasing trailers’ advertising effect using the innovative beacon technology. At the same time TRAILERAPP collects user data, thus creating individual entertainment-profiles. TRAILERAPP is a cross-partner service to exploit the digital possibilities for customer loyalty and target-oriented communication in the film industry. The benefits of such data become accessible to all businesses across the film value chain.
We successfully tested TRAILERAPP in 4 cinemas and are currently realizing the launch in German-speaking countries.
Cinemas are close cooperation partners who will not only let us install beacons in cinemas, but also provide access to their software systems. A presentation on the MEDIA umbrella stand at the CineEurope 2019 supports the importance of our digital innovation for the promotion and distribution of European works and would be very helpful in establishing international contacts with cinemas and distributors in order to promptly implement internationalization.

Sundog Media Toolkit

SMT Create unrivalled cloud-native processing, AI solutions, and automated workflows for DCinema mastering, hyperscale versioning, and post-production


Showcase: 19/06 - 11:00


The Stripey Building, 428 Diagonal Alley, Paintworks
BS4 3AS - Bristol
+44 7917 046 913
Saul Mahoney

Sundog Media Toolkit offer advanced cloud-native Digital cinema content mastering and versioning technology. Our groundbreaking approach to this area of the industry offers scaling which significantly reduces time for content owners and distributors which is a growing issue, often referred to as the ‘version explosion’.
We are also designing automation products utilising Machine Learning, which will also save time in the supplychain from filmmaker to cinema.
Additionally, our approach democratises high quality mastering and packaging tools by offering a cost effective Software-as-a-Platform using cloud infrastructure. At Sundog MT we have a highly experienced team with backgrounds including Dcinema, Image processing, Sound engineering, Cinema systems design, Theatrical operations and distribution.
We feel CineEurope presents us an ideal opportunity to show our products as well as network with our peers on new technologies emerging in the industry and socialise how these new solutions will help long term.

HDR4EU - Enabling End-to-End HDR Ecosystem

HDR4EU is a EU Horizon2020 Innovation project aimed at positioning EU companies in the creative sector as world leaders in the emerging HDR format


Showcase: 19/06 - 13:00


Plaça de la Mercè 10-12
08002 - Barcelona
+34 679 93 31 16
Guillem Anto

HDR4EU is a 3-year European project aimed at positioning EU companies in the creative sector as world leaders in the emerging HDR format by producing a set of professional tools, techniques and guidelines allowing for an HDR ecosystem to emerge, yielding a notably superior viewer experience in terms of image quality and content personalization.
CineEurope brings an excellent opportunity to showcase HDR4EU latest developments on tools, techniques and guidelines produced by the project and to receive feedback from European and international cinema industry key actors to guarantee that these tools, techniques and guidelines are fit for purpose.

Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes

Immersify: cutting edge tools for the next generation of immersive media.


Showcase: 19/06 - 13:30


5, rue Charlot
75003 - Paris
+33 6 47 80 61 82
Cécile Dumas

Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes is involved in IMMERSIFY, a European R&D consortium funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. It aims to develop key tools for allowing the next generation of immersive media applications. Marché du Film role in this project is to build a link between research and market, particularly in the field of cinema and entertainment industry. Being at CineEurope is a good opportunity to stay up-to-date to the immersive experiences in the cinema theaters and to disseminate the results of the Immersify project.


Applaudience owns cinema admission data. We supply insights about the industry's performance and identify opportunities with the highest ROI.


Showcase: 19/06 - 15:00


27 Bracewell rd
W106AF - London
+44 7776 413 499
Gajus Kuizinas

We are the only company in Europe that have real-time cinema admissions and pre-sales. We developed a unique technology to aggregate the data from the cinema websites. We currently cover the entire UK, parts of Netherlands, Spain and Germany. CIneEurope is a unique location for us to present our proposition (competitive intelligence, forecasting, smart film programming) to studios and exhibitors. We have not signed commercial deals to date; we are doing trials with 20th Century Fox and Odeon (UK, largest cinema chain in the UK).


Where is a specific movie shown? isnotTV is a plugin for newspapers & Cinema Blogs, we tell readers where each movie is available to watch


Showcase: 19/06 - 15:30


Marina 320 A1
08025 - Barcelona
+34 618 703 412
Jaime Candau

isnotTV enriches content for Newspapers and Cine Bloggers. They can easily embed on their sites content frames like this (please open the link below)

Without any effort for the journalists/blogger, isnotTV ads descriptions, details, similars, and information on WHERE TO WHAT LEGALLY. You can find some examples at
–, or

In 2018, we have served more than 190 million of those content frames across newspapers and bloggers, and we continue to grow exponentially
It is key for us to attend the festival because we want to integrate Cinema catalogs across Europe, so that when a person reads about a movie in a newspaper or blog, they can directly know where it’s being shown LEGALLY


Demute is an immersive sound studio for XR content and video games, with an R&D unit to develop new tools. 


Showcase: 19/06 - 16:00


26 rue Deschampheleer
1081 - Brussels
+33 6 76 05 71 16
Victor Lecomte

Demute is a sound studio for immersive content with strong technological know-how. We have two departments which are mutually inspired: our studio unit is dedicated to traditional media such as films and series and new media like XR and video games, while the R&D department develops new technological tools to improve the feeling of immersion through sound. Our goal is to provide new ways for audiences to interact and engage with the content they’re experimenting with.
CineEurope will be a great place for us to network and create new opportunities for our technologies and services to provide immersive and interactive experiences for the cinema industry in terms of content and customer experience.