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Eligibility Criteria

I declare on my honour that I represent a company/independent entity which:
  is owned and shall continue to be owned, whether directly or by majority participation, by Member States and/or Member State nationals (or nationals of the other European countries participating in the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe MEDIA) and registered in one of these countries;

  complies with the definition of a micro, small and medium-sized enterprise contained in European Commission Recommendation of 6 May 2003 concerning the definition of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises;

  my company has not previously exhibited at the CineEurope Trade Show

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(*) Cluster membership is not an eligibility requirement, but will taken into account in assessing eligibility.

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We cannot accept more than one delegate per company registered on the stand.

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By submitting your photograph, you agree to let us use it for the promotion and display of your company/activity on the website and MEDIA stands. Your photographs will only be used for non-commercial purposes and will never give or sell this to a third-party.

  I consent to my personal details - first name, surname, email address and mobile phone number - being held by and relevant subcontractors for the purposes of keeping me informed of activities in relation to audiovisual markets at which operates stands for the European Commission and related audiovisual events.
  By registering at, I understand that my photograph or a video recording may be taken on the stand for non-commercial purposes. I consent to the use of these images and video recordings for non-commercial purposes by

Registration Benefits

  • free accreditation to CineEurope and use of the stand free of charge;
  • a slot during the peak-times to carry out a presentation of your products or services;
  • an area to showcase your products and services and for workshop presentations;
  • a seating area with small tables for your meetings;
  • a welcome desk with an international hostess;
  • a dedicated wi-fi internet connection;
  • laptop charging facilities;
  • storage facilities;
  • messaging services;
  • assistance in setting up meetings with cinema operators;
  • promotion of your company via mailings to all delegates;
  • advertising pages in the official guide.