Ana, mon amour

Călin Peter Netzer

At Elske Pia | Loving Pia

Daniel Borgman

© Daniel Borgman


Aktan Arym Kubat

© The Match Factory

Die Häschenschule – Jagd nach dem goldenen Ei | Rabbit School – Guardians of the Golden Egg

Ute von Münchow-Pohl

© Akkord Film


Etienne Comar

© Roger Arpajou

El mar nos mira de lejos | The Sea Stares at Us from Afar

Manuel Muñoz Rivas

Estiu 1993 | Summer 1993 | Sommer 1993

Carla Simón

© Inicia Films / Lucia Faraig


Alain Gomis

© Andolfi

I Am Not Your Negro

Raoul Peck

© Dan Budnik

Kuun metsän Kaisa | Kaisa's Enchanted Forest

Katja Gauriloff

© Oktober

Le jeune Karl Marx | The Young Karl Marx | Der junge Karl Marx

Raoul Peck

© Kris Dewitte

Masaryk | A Prominent Patient

Julius Ševčík

© Marek Parek


Julia Murat

© Eduardo Amayo

Piata loď | Little Harbour | Das fünfte Schiff

Iveta Grófová

Pokot | Spoor

Agnieszka Holland

© Robert Paêka

Return to Montauk | Rückkehr nach Montauk

Volker Schlöndorff

© Franziska Strauss

Richard the Stork | Überflieger – Kleine Vögel, großes Geklapper

Toby Genkel

© 2017 Knudsen & Streuber, Ulysses, Walking The Dog, Mélusine Productions, Den siste skilling. All rights reserved.

Sage femme | The Midwife | Ein Kuss von Béatrice

Martin Provost

© Michael Crotto

Testről és lélekről | On Body and Soul

Ildikó Enyedi

The Wound

John Trengove

© Urucu Media

Toivon tuolla puolen | The Other Side of Hope | Die andere Seite der Hoffnung

Aki Kaurismäki

Malla Hukkanen © Sputnik Oy

Uilenbal | Owls & Mice | Der Fall Mäuserich

Simone van Dusseldorp

© Lemming Film / Viktor Arnolds

Viceroy's House

Gurinder Chadha

© Kerry Monteen Photography

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What's new?

We are in Berlin, and then we shall hardly have time to take a breath, and we shall be in Cannes for MIPTV.

In Berlin we are again running the Creative Europe MEDIA umbrella stand at the European Film Market from February 9-17 for EACEA, the European Commission Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. We are no longer accepting registrations. We regret, but all places have gone.

If you have registered, you can check our EFM pages for practical information and additional news from time to time.

If you want to be with us at MIPTV from April 3-6, 2017, check out how to register and what we have to offer here. Remember, it is first-come, first served and placed are snapped up fast. 

We were at MIPCOM from October 17-20, 2016. Check out our MIPCOM pages for more detail.  

You can check out our online catalogue on this site to find out what participants under the Creative Europe MEDIA umbrella were featuring at MIPCOM 2016 and MIPTV 2016. More details on the buyers who made presentations on the stand are here.

Participants on the Creative Europe MEDIA Umbrella Stands at major film markets are European independent film industry players, subject to passing a screening for eligibility under the definition established by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission.

To be informed when registration opens for all future markets, i.e. EFM, MIPTV, MIPCOM and the Marché du Film, just e-mail

Who are we?

The team which organises umbrella stands to host European independents at international audiovisual and film markets - MIPTV (Cannes), Marché du Film (Cannes), MIPCOM (Cannes) and the European Film Market (Berlin) - on behalf of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and the European Commission's Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency.

We’ll be there. Why not join us?

The team



Friedrich Moser thinks we are entering some kind of golden age for documentaries Moser #europeanfilmforum
Important in my ethics to be clear about my sources, but it is also about the art: Friedrich Moser, documentary make #europeanfilmforum
Friedrich Moser says documentaries provide alternative narrative to prevailing narrative #europeanfilmforum
It’s about leading people to discover things they may not know and things they may not like – Paul Avril, CSA #europeanfilmforum
It’s about leading people to discover things they may not know and things they may not like – Paul Avril, CSA