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Genres Drama | Feature Films | Series
Company Description Rai Cinema is a RAI Group company operating in the fields of production, co-production and distribution (01 Distribution).

Rai Cinema is also in charge of acquiring audiovisual products both in Italy and abroad, to ensure that the RAI networks meet all of their programming requirements in terms of films, TV movies, TV series and cartoons.

Rai Cinema is actively monitoring the national and international television rights markets, following closely the available content, product evolution and features, the typology and content of the rights, contractual standards, the offer platforms and competitive scenarios.
Looking for Acquisition of feature films, series, TV movies, etc. for TV broadcast within the RAI Group.

Raicinema also acquires feature-length documentaries (with theatrical release).

Series acquisition mainly concerns German and US titles.

TV movies are mainly acquired for Rai 1 and Rai 2 collections dealing with crime stories ("Yellow Saturdays") and thrillers.

Policy & Volume of Acquisition The acquisition process at RAI is somewhat extensive:
- For factuals, numerous commissioning editors are in charge and most of the acquired programmes are re-edited to fit into anchored programmes like Super Quark;
- For scripted formats, it is easier to go through Italian producers like Lux, Palomar or Cattleya for example.

No co-production for fiction series.
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