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Director of Strategy and Development
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Genres Docs & Factual | Drama | Feature Films | Format | Kids & Teens
Company Description Once TV is the oldest public television network in Latin America. Featuring educational content and cultural and social character, its mission is to generate and broadcast programmes that encourage and promote human development. Its programming has increased its audience through Internet, cable and broadcast television. Canal Once has an international signal which reaches the USA and part of Canada. They reach 75% of the Mexican population, i.e. 75 million people.
Looking for All types of programmes, to ensure a rich programming of the channels (generalist channel - Once 1 and children´s channel - Once Niños).

The channel also broadcasts feature-length documentaries (http://oncetv-ipn.net/docs360/) and fiction (http://oncetv-ipn.net/cine/).

Documentaries: Looking for science, art, technology, current affairs, and cultural programmes.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition 40% of the programming is made up of acquisitions from Mexico and abroad (Asia, Africa, Latin-America, Europe, etc.).
Language For documentaries and feature films they ask for the original version with Spanish subtitles. Animation needs to be dubbed. They mainly dub in-house but can also buy already dubbed. If you do the dubbing be aware that it should be “neutral” Spanish.
Prices USD 2,000 per hour for documentaries.
Starting from USD 4,000 for feature films.
USD 1,000 per 15´ for animaton
Length 7´, 15´, 30´ for animation
Licence 2 years - 3 runs for animation programmes
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Other contacts Karla Lecona - klecona@canalonce.ipn.mx
Luis Eduardo Garzon - legarzon@canalonce.ipn.mx
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