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Company Description PBS International is the worldwide co-production and distribution arm of PBS Distribution — representing independent producers from the US and abroad, as well as several American public television stations.

Jointly owned by PBS (Arlington, VA) and WGBH (Boston, MA), PBS International has a catalogue of over 500 hours of top-quality science, history, current affairs, human interest, arts/culture, children’s and lifestyle programming.
Looking for Science, history, wildlife, political issues, current affairs.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition PBS International is seeking independent programmes for distribution.
50 documentaries are bought per year (singles, mini-series or limited series).

PBS International also looks at proposals or works-in-progress. For pre-sales or co-productions, the producer's prior track record, relevance and nature of the subject, and the amount of production funding already raised (at least 50%) are major considerations.
The proposals submitted have to complement the schedule.

Please note that PBS International does not license programmes for PBS broadcast in the United States or the United Kingdom. Please refer to pbs.org/producing/proposal/ for instructions and forms to submit a proposal or a completed programme, including children’s programmes to PBS.

Prices For acquisitions: USD 5 000 to 30 000 per hour
Length Hour-length works best for one-offs, mini-series or series.
Territories Worldwide
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