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Company Description Thanks to its public-service mandate from the Federal Government, SRG SSR idée suisse – the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation – RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera is a driving force and mirror of Swiss life.
As an integral part of Swiss society, the broadcaster promotes culture, economic activity, entertainment and sport.
RSI contributes to the Swiss national identity and supports cohesion by promoting the specific nature of the Italian language and culture.
Its television programmes are not confined to the Ticino and the valleys of southern Grisons. Viewers also include Italian speakers throughout Switzerland and in northern Italy. RSI offers two channels:
LA 1, a full-service channel aimed at a broad audience.
LA 2, a complementary channel with a focus on sport. There are also children's programmes and repeats of news programmes from LA 1.
RSI has recently launched a web-only channel: Cult+ (
Looking for Documentaries on all topics, except current affairs:
- History (from ancient to contemporary history including geopolitics).
Please have a look at the contents of the main relevant slot at:
- Society: 90' author-driven films
- Science
- Wildlife
- Environment, travel
- Culture and art, including for the Cult+ web channel.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition 700 documentaries are broadcast each year, of which 350 are acquisitions.
Pre-sales and co-productions are also possible but mainly with producers they already know.
Up to 15 co-productions per year - Italian-speaking Swiss producer is needed.
Language Mainly French, English and German in order to adapt into Italian (labial dubbing or subtitles), but any language is possible if a translation is available.
Prices CHF 70-80 per minute
Length Mainly 52’ but also 25´and 90´; shorts (5 to 12´) are possible for the science slots.
Licence 2-4 years, 4 runs, 15 days catch-up rights - no exclusivity needed - be careful to split the rights for Italy and those for Italian-speaking Switzerland.
Contact by For pre-sales: first send a short description - if RSI is interested, you will be asked for the full dossier.
For acquisitions: send a link - rough cuts most welcome!
Other contacts Bruno Bergomi: society
Joanne Holder: pop music
Dominique Lombardi:environment and travel
Stefano Knuchel: Cult+, culture and art
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