NHK -Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Producer for International Co-Production and Acquisition
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Genres Docs & Factual
Company Description NHK - Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is
Japan’s sole public broadcaster, funded entirely by subscription fees.
Through its broadcasting, NHK reaches some 50 million households.

NHK operates two terrestrial channels (NHK General TV and NHK Educational TV), and two satellite channels (NHK BS-1 and NHK BS Premium) as well as an international broadcasting service, known as NHK World.

NHK General TV is the main channel, which shows a wide variety of programmes ranging from news and documentaries, to drama, quiz shows, and music programmes.

In addition to its high popularity in documentary specials and historical drama shows, it is well known for its prompt delivery in news broadcasting, especially news coverage of emergencies.

NHK Educational TV is a sister service of NHK General TV, broadcasting programmes of an educational, cultural or intellectual nature. High quality children programmes also give an edge to the channel. The two satellite channels differ in the characteristics of programming. NHK BS-1 is more for international news, sports, and documentaries, while BS Premium is more focused on the entertainment side.

In addition to the role as a broadcaster, NHK has a large in-house production house, producing various genres of “all-HD programmes”.
Most of the programmes are distributed internationally through its affiliate arm,
NEP (NHK Enterprises, Inc.).

Looking for Terrestrial Channels
For the general channel they do not acquire, only co-produce.
For the educational channel: mainly acquisitions.
For the Dramatic Planet strand: mainly wildlife and animals, other subjects such as dinosaurs, space, etc.
Satellite Channels
Global subjects suitable for night time (11.00 p.m.-1.00 a.m.); slots for men and women aged 40-50. Subjects for night-time slots for women aged 30-40.
World Documentary: mainly current affairs, global politics and the economy (energy crisis, food safety etc.), technology, science, medicine, education, environment, social, human interest, alternative energy, space and modern history.
*Natural history (wildlife, animal) is NOT the genre.
BS Premium: culture
Trying to target viewers younger than 60-70 years old.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition 300 hours/year from non-Japanese producers.
They co-produce with Arte (France and Germany), France Télévisions. Co-productions depend on total budget.
Prices Depends whether terrestrial or satellite - start at USD 9,000 per hour.
Length 29,44, 49, 57, 59, 89 minutes - need editing rights for certain slots.
Licence Changes depending on the slot.
Updated post-MIPCOM 2015