United Kingdom
Head of Factual, Acquisitions
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Genres Docs & Factual | Drama | Feature Films
Company Description MTG (Modern Times Group) is an international entertainment group with operations spanning six continents and including TV channels and platforms, online services, content production businesses and radio stations. It is also the largest shareholder in CTC Media, which is Russia’s leading independent media company.
Looking for - Factual programmes for three of MTG's Viasat Pay TV channels, mainly series but one-offs are possible for specials (anniversaries): - History: traditional history, from ancient to WW, biographies, mystery, weapons, docudramas are possible, - Nature: engaging stories, blue chips, pets, mainly series, - Explore : engineering, popular science, NO extreme adventure, NO sport. - Drama for a Pay TV crime drama channel (Crime) - Feature films for a movie channel (TV1000 Balkans).
Policy & Volume of Acquisition 150-200 hrs per channel, of which 20-30% are pre-bought for the factual channels each year; no co-productions or commissions.
Language English (they dub or subtitle in 28 languages)
Prices Pre-buys: from EUR 15 000 Acquisitions: EUR 7-10 000 when prime time, EUR 5 to 7 500
Length 30', 45', 52'
Territories Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe, CIS, Russia, Sub-Sahara Africa
Licence 3 years, 5 years when pre-buys.
Contact by e-mail with any available material