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Director of Business Development
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Genres Sports/Leisure | Docs & Factual
Company Description Optimum is an independent television company specialising in global distribution and production of quality programming.
It works in a close association with some of the finest production talents and leading broadcasters from around the world.
It currently reaches out to nearly 100 markets around the world with our diversified catalogue. The slate of programmes reflects a great diversity of genres as well as origins. It includes TV programmes from major producers in the U.S., Europe as well as Asia. A blend of fascinating stories, high production values and innovative ideas makes the shows appealing to a wider global audience.
Looking for Good programmes, any type!
Policy & Volume of Acquisition 50 new titles are acquired per year in order to help producers make the most of their contents.
The line-up is totally digital.
Prices commission: 35%
Updated post-Mipcom 2014