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Genres Drama | Feature Films | Docs & Factual
Company Description MAGNATEL, founded in 1980/83 in Rio de Janeiro and Baden-Baden, specialises in the distribution and production of television programmes and theatrical films, principally to Brazil.
It has worked for many different distributors and TV stations, including Channel 4, Bavaria Films and ZDF.
Magnatel started working in production in 1989 as line manager for German productions in Brazil.
Its first theatrical production as producer, the feature documentary Moro No Brasil (Director: Mika Kaurismäki), had its premiere at the 52nd Berlinale in 2002.
It also co-produced the feature documentary A Fistful of Dollars - The New Emigrants (Director: Leonardo Dourado), produced by Telenews, Rio de Janeiro. It is now involved in a new Brazilian co-production, The Ambassador, produced by Staff Cinema, Sao Paulo.
Looking for For the last ten years Magnatel has concentrated on the distribution of programmes from ORF into Brazil and Latin America, and Channel 4 Learning/Espresso Education into Brazil (and Germany).
It has an excellent overview of the Brazilian market and can advise on how the market works (including the Brazilian bureaucracy) and what genres are of interest.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition The Brazilian market is heavily dominated by commercial channels where 90% of the broadcast content is Brazilian.

Two public channels existing since the end of the 2000sare interested in acquiring European content (TV Cultura and TV Brazil).
Topics of interest are: classical music, children's programmes, educational programmes and documentaries.
But those public channels cannot contract directly with private companies and you will have to deal with a registered distribution company in order to close the deals, which will be heavily burdened by bureaucracy and taxes...

Pay TV, with its market leader Globosat, may be the best opportunity for selling programmes to Brazil: more channels are now airing and need to acquire content further to their legal obligations (Brazilian content is compulsary in prime time).
Language All programmes have to be dubbed in Portuguese.
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