Head of Acquisitions

RMC Découverte is one of the newborn channels on French DTT and also one of its biggest successes so far.
Launched in December 2012, the channel is 100% dedicated to documentaries.
It is owned by the media group NextRadioTV, which also owns the news channel BFM TV.

BUYER PROFILE 09-04-2014
Glutron_RMC DECOUVERTE-09-04-2014.pdf

Genres Docs & Factual
Looking for "Stronger than fiction" is RMC Découverte's motto. Its strands are: - History and Investigation; - Science and Technology; - Adventure and Wildlife; - Travel and Lifestyle; - Real Life.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition 1 500 hours per year
Language French only (dubbed or original version)
Audience Male 15-49 - medium-to-high income
Prices EUR 6,000 per hour
Length 26-90´
Territories France, Andorra, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland
Licence 24 months on Free TV, Catch-up rights, 6 multiruns.