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Senior Acquisitions Producer
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Genres Docs & Factual | Feature Films | Animation
Company Description Al Jazeera English is a documentary 24-hour English-language news and current affairs channel, dedicated to putting the human story at the forefront of the news agenda.
AJE has been on air for ten years and is part of the greater Al Jazeera Media Network. AJE reaches more than 270 million households on six continents and in 140 countries. Its documentaries reflect a range of people, places and perspectives and challenge dominant views through strong human stories.
The programme strands include Witness (which Jackie Edwards is in charge of), the flagship observational documentary strand, People & Power and 101 East documentary and current affairs strands, Al Jazeera World, plus a number of documentary series and stand-alone hour-long films (eg ‘In Search of Putin’s Russia’, ‘Women Make Change’, ‘My Nigeria’, ‘Agora: The Greek Financial Crisis’, ‘Once Upon A Time In Punchbowl’ and many more).
The films are commissioned, co-produced, acquired or made in-house and have won a great many international awards over the years.
Looking for Witness: A fresh insight into global issues as they impact ordinary people: inspirational, provocative stories and new voices not previously heard. For this slot, commissioning, co-production and acquisition are possible.
Weekly 25’ Witness slots: character-driven, observational films telling the human stories behind current affairs issues. Mostly commissions, a few acquisitions.
Weekly 48’ Witness slots: either acquisitions or co-productions. Outstanding observational films or narrative-driven films related to current affairs or human stories.
People & Power: Commissions and acquisitions. Investigative and current affairs documentaries with a global reach. 25’ behind-the-scenes films exposing uses and abuses of power, and adding context to developing stories of real significance – character- or story-driven, but must be based on sound journalism.
101 East - 25’ investigative series looking at current issues in Asia/Pacific region.

Special series and seasons: looking for series and one-offs on current global issues for other slots on the channel, either 25' or 48’ duration.

Stand-alone documentary series/single films: These can be in a range of styles and parts, be either 25’ or 48’ duration, and must support the channel's global remit and perspective. Al Jazeera seeks stories with a unique premise, or extraordinary access or a fresh take on a global theme.

Films should have current affairs as a broad backdrop but have a shelf-life of a couple of years at least.

Acquired feature films can be cut down/played in two parts where appropriate.

Series are commissions and co-productions with some in-house production.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition Total for the channel: weekly 60% news, 40% documentaries; 10 hours of fresh content per week.
No pre-buy.
Language Subtitling, no dubbing - clean international master needed.
Length 25’ and 48’ single docs or series. They are cut to fit the slot from any duration.
Territories Global
Licence Six runs over three years.
Broadcast: worldwide non-exclusive English language excluding USA, first year exclusivity in the UK. Worldwide live streaming and worldwide catch-up VOD.
Contact by Send a vimeo link to the finished film or to the trailer.
Decisions take more or less 2-3 weeks.

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