Head of Nature & History Unit, Universum

ORF is the Austrian public broadcaster, operating two terrestrial TV channels and one satellite channel for sports, information and culture, with a market share over 38%.

Universum is a successful weekly prime-time series with high production values, a strong narrative structure and top photography, which has already won numerous awards at international festivals.

ORF’s Natural History Unit produces 10-12 hours of blue-chip documentaries per year in cooperation with the most renowned international partners, such as the BBC, ZDF, NDR Naturfilm, WDR, BR, ARTE, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, DDE, Off The Fence, Fremantle Media, Canal+ and many others.

BUYER PROFILE 09-04-2014

Genres Docs & Factual
Looking for One-hour story, character-led documentaries with high production values. Really “good-looking” films.
Policy & Volume of Acquisition Co-productions are possible via broadcasters or via Austrian production companies. Pre-buys are possible. Looking to acquire for two documentary slots: - Tuesdays, 8.15 p.m. (wildlife: blue-chip natural history); - Fridays, 10.40 p.m. (history: any period, must be attractive for Austrian audience, e.g. The Mistresses of the Vienna Congress).
Language Make Austrian versions of all non-German-language documentaries.
Audience Average age 62 years old and family viewing.
Prices Acquisition: EUR 4,000/hour to EUR 20,000 (depending on the film and market competition) Pre-buy: EUR 10,000/hour to EUR 40,000 if it is very unique material.
Length 43’, 52’. No fillers, no shorts
Licence Three years, two runs.
Updated post-MIPCOM 2016