Czech Republic
Head of Programme Acquisitions
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Genres Animation | Feature Films | Docs & Factual
Company Description Czech Television (CT) is the national public broadcaster of the Czech Republic, providing a balanced range of programmes targeting every demographic. Established in 1992, CT is a self-owned, independent organisation with no state subsidies. It has a nearly 30% market share and operates six channels:
• ČT1 – a general entertainment channel, showing family-oriented television, Czech movies, series, entertainment, talk shows, news and a few documentaries (like BBC One);
• ČT2 – broadcasts documentaries, foreign and local feature films, education and minority-oriented programming;
• ČT24 – a 24-hour news channel: live, over the internet and by satellite;
• ČT4 (sports channel) – live transmissions of Czech and world sports events;
• ČT:D (kids channel) – launched at the beginning of September 2013, running daily from 6.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. for children (target group 4-12); very successful with 28% market share.
• CT Art channel – from 8.00 p.m.; specialising in cultural programming e.g. operas, concerts, profiles, discussions etc. Feature films on art are subtitled. (On other channels foreign programmes are dubbed.)
Looking for Quality feature films, series, positive and entertaining documentaries; discovery, information.
Topics: history (WWII), engineering, rock/pop star concerts, programmes with a classical approach, art, culture, society, lifestyle, travel, nature (all 45-58' only – no half hours, no feature-length documentaries).
Policy & Volume of Acquisition 40% of the programming is acquired.
Each channel has its own programme manager and budget. ČT1 and ČT2, ČT4 and ČT24 have their own editorial managers in charge of scheduling and determining in-house production and acquisitions policy.
The Acquisitions Department has three departments: documentaries, feature films and contractual.

No pre-buy or co-production.

Documentaries: 20+ slots a week; almost exclusively acquisitions.
Language Dubbing, voiceover, subtitles
Audience Young audience (30% of viewers are teenagers and 40% are 4-8 years old)
Prices Animation: EUR 500-600/hour; Docs: EUR 900/hour. Feature films: EUR 2-3 000.
Length Docs: mainly 52'; series: 52'; children’s programmes: 11-30’ animation; short series (7', 11', 12’); long series (10, 13, 26 or more episodes)
Licence 2.5-3 years for 2+4 runs. Catch-ups: two weeks.
Contact by By e-mail; 2-3 sentences on the project, whether HD or not, length. Do not send any material before sending a brief synopsis of the story. For series, they have to see at least half the material.
Other contacts For co-productions: marketa.stinglova@ceskatelevize.cz
For sports programmes: vladimir.drbohelav@ceskatelevize.cz
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