About us


media-stands.eu is the brand name for a dynamic team combining expertise in the audiovisual sector with knowhow in showcasing the best Europe has to offer in this field via the 'umbrella' stands of the European Commission's Creative Europe MEDIA programme at key international programme and content markets, including MIPCOM, MIPTV, the European Film Market/Berlinale and the Marche du Film/Festival de Cannes. We operate the stands on behalf of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission.

Corporate responsibility is in the hands of CECOFORMA S.A. of Belgium, via its events department.

CECOFORMA works in partnership with CONCEPTEXPO in providing attractive stands open to participation by European producers and distributors of European content.

CECOFORMA works with SIGNÉLAZER for the design and communication (stand, web & print).

The team is supported by a number of experts in the field of audiovisual and cinema, who speak at workshops and provide one-on-one advice at MIPCOM and MIPTV.


Stéphane Hallet - Project Manager/Coordinator

Stéphane is responsible for overall planning, coordination and liaison with the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. An employee of CECOFORMA, he has spent a decade in the event management business.

Charlotte Borras - Deputy Project Manager

Charlotte assisses the Project Manager in planning, coordination and budget management. An employee of CECOFORMA, she has five years' experience in the event management business.

Bruno Théry - Stand Director

Bruno is the CEO of ConceptExpo, CECOFORMA’s consortium partner, and has more than twenty years’ experience of designing and building stands. He and his team are responsible together with the graphics team for creation of a stand, which is at one and the same time appealing and functional.

Daniel Zimmermann - Programme Manager

Daniel has been closely associated with the audiovisual industry in various capacities for some two decades. He is adviser to the team on strategic developments and new market trends, and is responsible for the Advisory Services and other added-value services for Creative Europe MEDIA umbrella stand participants.

Pierre Hupin - Markets Manager

An ‘old hand’ with more than 20 years’ of participation at audiovisual events, Pierre is responsible for accreditation and all relations with Umbrella Stand participants, including collecting information on their line-ups for publication in official catalogues or media-stands.eu publications and the media-stands.eu website.

Catherine Buresi - Buyer Programme Manager

Catherine is another of the team members with a wealth of experience of the audiovisual industry. She is responsible for the programme of buyers' briefings at MIPCOM and MIPTV.

Claudia Velasco - Executive Assistant

Claudia, who has worked in this field for several years already, assists the Markets Manager and the Programme Managers.

Sébastien Houtart - Creative Director

Managing Director of his own graphic creation and design company, SignéLazer, Sébastien - with his team - is responsible for the visual look of the stand and all promotional and advertising materials, including the media-stands.eu website.

Marion Bywater - Head of Communication

A communicator in many guises for more than three decades, Marion advises on general communication strategy and is quality controller for publications, advertisements and website content.



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